Build Your Own Cabinet Style Egg Hatching Incubator:

100 - 500 Egg Capacity - Capacity will be depending On Egg Size And The Way You Design Your Unit & Type Of Unit Used

Some years ago we ran out of space to place more of the old Styrofoam incubators. We started out with one incubator thinking that would be all we would need for our personal use. The next thing we knew we had an incubator t in every room of the house. We definitely needed more space. We compared prices on cabinet incubators and found that they were expensive. When we were about ready to go out and invest in a cabinet incubator our refrigerator turned into a heating cabinet instead of a cooling cabinet. We had to spend our savings on a new refrigerator but we also still needed more incubator space. The heating refrigerator sparked the idea of using the old refrigerator as an incubator.

We went online and did some research and found some plans for a cabinet incubator that the University of Illinois had put out. We used these plans and plans for incubators made out of coolers as ideas for the refrigerator. You may have parts you can use around the house if not you can get most of them on EBay or at your local hardware store. We ran a 2 week test on it to test humidity and heating of different areas of the refrigerator, before adding the first eggs. We maintain a 90 - 95% hatch rate.